Artist's Statement

I am a landscape painter and textile artist.  I work in acrylics, mixed media collage and pieced textiles. 

The fluidity of paint allows me to explore a variety of colour combinations and aspects of texture, pattern, mark-making, line, shape, edges and boundaries. The surface is built up of layers that suggest a personal archaeology.

In my textile pieces, I use a combination of self-dyed and factory-dyed fabrics.  These pieces require a more conscious process of construction although there is still room for chance.  The woven nature of fabric means that edges are either torn along straight lines or cut deliberately for curved shapes. The slow process of sewing is tactile and meditative.

I start each piece intuitively – I choose some colours, make some marks, draw some shapes, pluck some fabric from a pile.  As I add more layers, I emphasize certain areas of the composition.  More elements are added; some are removed or erased.

Through remembered textures, marks, forms and colour of urban or rural landscapes, I  aim not to make a portrait of a place, but to capture a sense of its spirit.